The YITA training program

The training program covers three years for all the groups. In the first year the groups will be trained in teambuilding, leadership, financial management and proposal writing. They will also follow a workshop about registration. Many groups have the perception that it is difficult to register as a group. However there are opportunities for groups to register officially, but many youths do not know where to go and what the procedures are like. YITA provides the groups with information about registration and gives them advice. If groups are registered it gives them better opportunities to raise funds and get involved with local government (activities).

In the second year trainings about leadership, financial management and business management will take place. Again at the end of the year the groups will get the opportunity to propose YITA for an equipment boost that is supposed to help them in their activities.

The third year will be a follow up on the first and the second year with trainings on business management and needs assessment.


Between the trainings which take place approximately every three months the youth groups will be strictly followed by the coordinator of youth groups and trainings. He gives mentorship, he evaluates and monitors the groups. The groups will be visited on appointments, but also unexpectedly and given advise and mentorship on their activities and way forward. The groups are always welcome at YITA’s office based in their own community where they can ask questions and discuss problems.

Next to the trainings, YITA also supports the groups by boosting their activities by providing some equipment, the so called equipment boost. After every year, every group gets the opportunity to write a proposal to YITA. When the groups have shown to be serious, when they’ve attended all the trainings and when the mentorship shows they have been developing positively, they receive what they have proposed for. However they have to pay 10% of the equipments themselves, so they feel some ownership.

Community Events and Youth Dialogues

YITA organizes social activities, such as youth dialogues and community events where the youth groups can present themselves.


At the community events, youth show in what activities they are involved and they show life in the community from youths’ perspective. The purpose of these activities is to bring youth and the elder in the community together. By doing so, they can collectively address their problems and issues at the community level. It will make the community aware of what their youth is doing. People see how important their initiatives are for development in the community and will realize that youth are not so idle as they seem to be.

It will thus open up opportunities for youth-adult partnerships in different activities geared towards development. This opposes to the current experience where young people are seen as inexperienced trouble makers in society.

At the youth dialogues, several social issues are being discussed. The last dialogue was about HIV/Aids. Before that, the Youth Dialogue was about youth participation in local government. As a preparation, YITA asks the youth what exactly they want to discuss at the event. The youth gets the change to speak their minds and to learn from each other and from invited organizations.


Youth Information Center

The goal of the Youth Information Centre is to create access to high quality information for youths from the marginalized areas. Internet access, educational games and repackaged content are available. The centre is situated in a central area surrounded by Kinondoni’s marginalized areas, close to the target group. Courses will be given and information officers will be present to answer questions the youth might have. The centre also houses a library with information about entrepreneurship and issues youth have to deal with in their community such as HIV/ AIDS, drug abuse and the position and role of women in the society.


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